Alexander Skarsgård is in GQ España’s (October 2013 digital issue) as #25 in the 50 Most Stylish Men in the World (25 International stars & 25 Spanish National stars)

Many thanks to Velvettine for the translation:

If you play a Vampire, it doesn’t matter what you wear: they’ll only have their attention on your fangs. But, if you have the looks of this Swedish actor, you may have it all sorted out. With the physique of a Viking, an Iceberg stare, and a style halfway between the rebel without a cause and one of the seven brothers of the Pontipee family, he has earned a spot in the list, not only of the most elegant men, but also in the one that all of us look up to: the 100 sexiest men alive one. More than the “black tie and fancy shoes”, he’s the buttoned down shirt, sweater trench and white t-shirt thing type of guy. Looks easy, right? You go figure out….and then tell me about it.

[Photo is by Matthew Brookes]


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