Carson Huey-You is an 11-year-old child prodigy who is currently enrolled at Texas Christian University (TCU) studying quantum physics. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and plays the piano very well. He attends classes with his mother Claretta Huey-You who is also enrolled at TCU.

“According to NBC5 in Dallas, Claretta Huey-You said her son was reading books by the age of two and could add, subtract, multiply and divide by age three.
He attended high school aged five and also speaks Mandarin and plays Beethoven on the piano.
His intellectual capability at such a young age was described as “completely off the grid” and he scored both a high mark and impressive marks in his university admission interview.

TCU’s youngest entrant said he had managed to “make a few friends” in his first few days”

Great accomplishment Young Huey!  This shouldn’t shock us though Africans were the first scholars and scientists on earth. It’s in our blood!

Continue to be Great Carson! #BlackExcellence #CarsonHueyYou #Genius #SancophaLeague

Post Made By @Solar_InnerG

Aww he’s a real life “Smart Guy”.


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