This needs more notes ._.

I have two faaaavorite comebacks to cosplay creeps. 

Scenario 1: This guy is interviewing me as Deadpool. He is gesturing to my chest and asks me what makes me better than regular Deadpool. “Because my without my healing factor, I can bleed for 5 days and not die.” Insert flabbergasted interviewer.

Scenario 2: I was Poison Ivy and a DIFFERENT interviewer. His friends/camera crew approached me, very nicely, and asked for an interview. I agree. Then he turns to the camera and says something to the effect that I MUST be the REAL Poison Ivy because he can’t stop itching from last night. So I deadpan it and tell him he must be the Flash’s secret identity since he was the fastest man alive last night. They had to stop filming because his friends laughed so hard and he turned bright red. He apologized and I told him he was forgiven if they kept that zing in there. 

Look, we know you’re trying to be funny. But TRYING to be funny and ACTUALLY being funny are two different things. You’re surrounded by attractive people in skimpy and not skimpy outfits. Most reactions of cosplayers are ” 😐 ” to the jokes when they’re trying to put on a smile to be friendly.  

Just… don’t. Please. 

Can you say reblogged and followed?


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