Aftonbladet Praises Fanboy ASkars

There sat the old soccer players, agents, more or less familiar faces and other invitees.  In a platform where you sit down, behave and don’t stand out. A platform that can symbolize how the Swedish national audience has behaved at home over the years. Up until yesterday.

Yesterday something changed at Friends Arena. Yesterday woke up Friends Arena.

He stood up and fired at

Standing and fired up on the VIP platform was a  Swedish actor’s earnings. When the song was about to peter out while Johan Elmander tried cranking the crowd going so stood up Alexander Skarsgard with the obvious healed residual ethics he grew up with in Stockholm’s southern parts.

They looked behind a sea of ​​seated, quiet people, and among them was a man who stood proudly with hands pointing to the sky screaming his heart out in support of the players on the pitch. The seated people could not miss it. A seed was planted. Someone had broken the ice. Next time was also up.

It feels like we Swedes are born with a fear of standing out or perhaps an extreme desire to fit in. Something that has become a symbol for the Swedish national audience. On away ground, when we do not know the neighbor’s eyes on the back of our necks, we release all inhibitions and create atmosphere in the world. At home we complain of bad press but dare not grab it and try to change. But if Alexander Skarsgård dares, we should all dare too.

For a Hollywood star has got eyes on him. Whispered, photographed, and gossiped about. An entire row behind the 37-year-old took every time he stood up to capture his rump with their cellphone cameras. With the imaginary thought we all seem to have that it’s embarrassing to stand up alone and shout against a football field, should Skarsgård have made a fool of a himself?

But he was the one who dared, had fun and actually helped the players on the pitch.

He had more to risk than most with his well-known face and the cameras on him. But he ignored it and did as you should do in a football stadium. He did all that makes it so wonderful to go to a football game.

He lived out, switched off his brain for a second and let his emotions speak.

(Source: + Google Translation/Some Interpretation/Clean-up)


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