Eric didn’t burden his progeny when he was in trouble with the Magister and TA (or even before that). Bill OTOH burdenened Jessica in S6 to act as his conscience. 

The fundamental difference between them in one gifset. 

And of course it isn’t just Jessica who is forever held responsible for Bill’s tenuous humanity. Lorena gets the full blame for its loss, Sookie gets saddled with its maintenance and upkeep from the get-go and then blamed for the lapses. And then Jessica has to shoulder it. Bill’s burdens are never carried by him.

Nope, they’re not. Left alone at the Sitjproty with no to shoulder his humanity, he casts it aside ,betrays Eric, forsakes Sookie and orders his way to power ,

It’s always women who bear the brunt of it, too. The brunt of keeping Bill human, and the costs when he loses it. Hence the long trail of dead women he leaves behind him. That’s why I want Sookie and Jessica far, far away from him. 

I remember in early season 2, when he gave Sookie that speech of “I cannot and I will not lose you. I refuse to apologize for what you have awakened in me. You, you are my miracle,” and many thought how romantic this was, all I felt was supremely uncomfortable. Way to place the responsibility on the girl! “I will not lose you” sounded threatening to me, not romantic. And let’s not even start with the whole “you are my miracle” thing. Eek. But that’s Bill: even the way he puts it is telling. It’s all about him, about how he feels, about what he needs, about what he wants to do. And her “job” is to carry that out for him. 

Basically, yes, get any and all females far, far away from him.

Yes,even that bit about ” what you have awakened in me” puts all the onus on Sookie and none on him. She is ” his miracle” and no one else’s. All for him and nothing for her. Right, I thought this was the creepiest love declaration I ‘d ever heard and couldn’t imagine how Sookie or anyone else. saw it as romantic. But then ,Bill was creepy to me right from the beginning and I’d accepted that ” different strokes for different folks” was at play here. It was later ,after it was so consistent and after Eric was introduced that I started considering the Bill may not be the romantic hero after all. That ,perhaps ,AB was playing with the tortured romantic hero trope as found in Wuthering heights and other gothic type romances for the purpose of turning it on it’s head and showing it up for what it really is. And that’s exactly what he did. is it any wonder ,then, that most fans with the accept ion of a few who still cling to that old trope,dislike Bill now and either want him to die or end alone with no one.

This person really hates Bill. Lol. Love the gif, though.


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