Sookie’s dreamlovers as they appear in the first dream she has of them. 

Might want to note that one was blood-induced, and the other wasn’t. 🙂

Wasn’t it? And who gave her blood after the Rattrays’ beating? ^^

The message is : Bill in her dream is a creepy creep while Eric is the opposite of that

Seriously. Both dreams were blood induced. Except Bill’s was a blood-by-the-buckets after he let two psychopaths beat her to death.

No wonder her dream of him is creepy as hell. It’s like the blood was tainted by intent. 

Yes,it was. Just look at these two very different portrays of these dream lovers. the contrast is so startling that a the time I thought,” Eric is the one they intend to be Sookie’s true love” and I will maintain that belief forever. Just because circumstances changed and .bB went in a different direction doesn’t mean Eric and Sookie weren’t ‘t meant to be. Too much throughout the seasons pointed to it.

Sorry but this was not a blood induced dream with Bill. This was the dream Sookie had after meeting Bill the first night. Sookie had none of Bill’s blood by the time this dream occurred. This was S1E1. The beating was S1E2. It has long been speculated that the time line of events in Season 1 were incorrect. Some have speculated, Sookie indeed did have Bill’s blood the first night they met and not the second. Eric was convinced that was the time line and even approached Bill in Season 2 about this possibility. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

I believe you. It just makes it worse in my mind. Her non drug induced dream of Bill showed a creepy repulsive Bill whose real motives were sex and drinking Sookie’s blood- perhaps her own intuition speaking to her. But after she had his blood ,on the second night she can’t wait to have sex and let him drink her blood. She no longer sees him as creepy and repulsive. It is true then that the dream of Eric as a lover brought on by the few drops of Blood she swallowed is highlighted by a golden glow( no doubt from the V) and even that she sees him as a lover( again erotic because of the V) but other than that she doesn’t have him drinking her blood and she sees him as a tender lover who likes to cuddle and engage in pillow talk( something that turned out to be true) Bills blood fest coupled with hard passionate sex with no tenderness or pillow talk turned out to be true as well. I think Sookie’s own natural insight and intuition played a big part in all of her dream sequences V induced or not.

This gets me so mad at the beginning the Writers showed us the difference between Eric and Bill just look at these dreams!! Now we suppose to forget it all so Bill could be redeemed!?

Exactly. Before having Bill’s blood, Sookie was sexually interested in him, but the dream warned her, IMO, about his interest not being of the same kind. Interesting to see is that when she has her dream about Bill after having his blood, she’s still just talking about having sex. 

It doesn’t matter if the dream was blood induced or not because it doesn’t prove anything. Bill was the first guy with a mind clear of thoughts (she couldn’t read the mind of one guy for the first time in her life). This was the real attraction not because it was love at first sight, besides she had never seen a vampire before, he was the first one too and we need to remind that Sookie was a virgin at that time. Mix all these things and you get it. After that we all know the story between them (blood, manipulation, lies, betrayal….) So no, I don’t buy this supposed “love story”, this story is unhealthy. I prefer Sookie to be alone or with another good guy than with Bill (the triumph of a sick relationship)

Deep convo about a vampire show. Lol


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