Willa: Is it gonna hurt?
Eric: Not the way I do it.

Requested by Myfaraday.

Let’s not forget that Eric was doing it to spite someone and was technically being an asshole….two, Bill was FORCED to do that to Jessica and when he tried to make it comfortable for her, he was ordered not to. Seriously…I like people comparing the two, but forget Eric’s reasoning was douchey as hell and Bill was forced to. Good job *claps*

No we haven’t forgotten the motives in each case, but those were not the issues in this post. Yes, Bill was forced to turn Jessica, but I don’t remember anyone forcing him to act like a savage. And “trying to make her comfortable” by glamouring is (as usual) the easy way out. As we can see in Eric/Willa scene, the turning process can be painless and beautiful.


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