Willa: Is it gonna hurt?
Eric: Not the way I do it.

Requested by Myfaraday.

Thank you for making this!! So telling…

Bill had to turn Jessica against his will… Eric choose to turn Willa…. Funny how these scenes should have been the other way around… Bill tried to glamour Jessica before turning her and he got slapped on the knuckles.. So, to impress the magister ,he shows his inner savage .. And boy does he.. !!!! Then out of the watchful eyes of the upper crust of vampires , he goes back to being the poor vampire that he doesn’t want to be … Can’t make up his mind.. He changes to suit whatever situation he is put in at the time… And the writers think we didn’t notice this???

Eric on the flip side is very caring and spoke very profound words that came from his heart about the way he felt.. Even laying his coat on the dirt for her…Initially, his main goal was to hurt Burrell and get the humans to stop persecuting vampires. My feeling is once the decision was made his Viking strong family feelings kicked in, thus the words he used before turning Willa..

Total polar opposites… And people wonder why we are so pissed off at the thought of Bill being redeemed ???

I don’t think the writers,particularly BB,forgot any of this .That’s why the reveal about Bill and Sookie,the reveal that Alex made about Eric,and the reveal Joe made about Alcide were made in TV guide and have since been picked up by the other media. Also, the hard sell on Twitter and Facebook wax engineered to inform fans of the new direction and how they should start thinking.It may not be ultimately workable with fans but I think they felt they had to try something. Pre- S5 they did a hard sell on Warlow that was so successful A Warlow/ Sookie union beat out Eric/ Sookie and Bill/ Sookie in surveys and polls. There are a lot of highly suggest-able viewers who just want to be on the winning side and they shift allegiances as the TB promo directs them to do. ” Bill is redeemed therefore he is worthy of Sookie” is the message they are sending. Plus,of course ” Eric is alive and will return and you will get to see naked Eric and Eric having sex just not with Sookie” which will appease most Eric lovers,particularly those who think he’s too good for Sookie. There are indeed fans who can’t abide Bill and refuse to accept his redemption or a reunion with Sookie and those that want to see Eric and Sookie together or Sookie with no suitor but ready to face life on her own. Unfortunately IMO not enough of those exist to really create much of an impact on overall viewership or DVD sales. most casual viewers want plenty of what the promos are promising- nudity,sex bloody violence and death.

At this stage too many fans find the idea of Bill & Sookie together just plain boring, and Bill Multiple Personality Disorder has become a total joke. Even causal viewers are sick of him. Judging by the recent poll, Alcide is not much more popular than Mr Compton. So it seems to me that TB is relying on Eric to sell the show once it airs. Or they just don’t care.

They may be relying on Eric to sell the show,once it starts but they sure area keeping him under wraps until then. Alex seems to be done filming more than a month early which doesn’t bode well for his active participation in the main story line or that he will be in all 10 eps.Meanwhile they keep selling a heroic Bill and a Sookie/ Bill reunion which is alienating those fans who dislike Bill and only want to see his redemption by his death and most certainly don’t want any part of Bill and Sookie,” the greatest love story on the show” bullshit.

Notable is that the sell of Warlow was in fact the sell of Ben. That poll was made before it was revealed that Ben and Warlow were the same guy. I think the poll might have showed something else if all the facts had been on the table. That being said, Rob K. did a fantastic Warlow, too bad we didn’t get to see more of ruthless vampire version of him. 


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