Sookie’s dreamlovers as they appear in the first dream she has of them. 

Might want to note that one was blood-induced, and the other wasn’t. 🙂

Wasn’t it? And who gave her blood after the Rattrays’ beating? ^^

The message is : Bill in her dream is a creepy creep while Eric is the opposite of that

The beating came after Sookie had the dream. Sookie wanted Bill before getting his blood. The message is: Sookie had to have 1000 year old vampire blood inside of her to even think of Eric romantically. AND in case anyone forgot: Sookie was STILL thinking about Bill during the dream she had of Eric. What’s a good word for “delusional” Eric fans?

Pretty much this ^!

Sure forget mentioning the fact that Bill has been keeping tabs on her. And was gonna hand her over to Queen Sophie Ann. She deserves a healthy romance. And it’s with neither men.

I mean you aren’t wrong ^
If Sookie was a real woman she would probably need to have a lot of psychiatric help by now too. There’s a list of things that the bitch would need and deserve if she were real but those fairies and were panthers and werewolves and shifters and smoke monsters and blood gods and ghosts and witches aren’t gonna take care of themselves now are they? Actually you are wrong about the whole Bill was going to hand her over to the queen thing…because he clearly intended on killing her from the start…it seems like that was part of the whole undercover AVL storyline that did in fact exist.

He was going to hand her over. Things changed when he surprisingly did in fact fall for her. The show might be fiction but what type of message will the writers be sending if they have Sookie end up with a manipulator? She deserves better. Either have her end up with Alcide or have her end up alone.

Alcide also has a lot of flaws. Didn’t he eat human flesh, separate a little girl from her mother, bang a bunch of women from his pack at the same time because he could, and actually end up with the woman who murdered the maybe love of his life while lying to said love of his life’s own parents about it? What message is this show sending if Sookie ends up with a recovering drug addict cannibal man-dog? If she ends up alone what is that saying? Look for the absolute perfect human being in life with no flaws whatsoever? Everybody makes mistakes except for the one you should be with? Forgiveness is only real when it involves those that aren’t your love interests? Being alone forever is better than being with someone who has flaws? I guess all of this is really personal interpretation and opinion. Also how do you know that Bill was for sure going to hand over Sookie to the queen?

Because Bill in the end always does what the stronger, more powerful vampire asks of him. 

I am loving the discussions


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