For those who have not seen these videos yet, HBOGO has three new True Blood videos. “Recap Season 1-6” which has some very interesting claims about each of the seasons regarding Bill Compton. “True Blood” Who’s Your Maker?” and “True Blood: Love and Sex in Bon Temps”

Sounds like they are remaking Bill. I wondered when they would get around to this.

It sounds as if they will make it sound like Eric lied about the Ratts beating. When you listen to the commentary, everything that Bill has done was not even mentioned in a poor light. LOL. Oh HBO, what a tangled web we weave.

They are going to have to paint Eric in the bad light somehow. Same as Harris did to him in the books. Saying he lied about the beating is the logical way to go with it. Or try too. Oh they will make him to be an complete asse hole to please the divas of the show, no doubt.

Just watched the recap season 1-6.. Yup… Someone who knew nothing or very little of the series would come away thinking Bill was the best vampire in Bon Temps… !!

And he was a ” vampire God ” ya know. he didn’t lie about that it seems.

Eric was a Viking Vampire God first 😉


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