Fragmented scenes

The hate group goes from Bellefleur’s to the police-station to get some better weapons than chair-legs turned into stakes. Perhaps Rosie told them about the special anti-vampire guns and bullets they received a while ago? Adilyn is still with them and for some reason, she blasts Kenya with her light, something that freaks the rest of the group, except for a guy in red plaid that grabs her and suddenly she’s held at gun point. Will Vince and co. realize just what a great defense her light is against vampires?

Not sure what happens to Adilyn, but perhaps she was trying to prevent Kenya from handing out the guns? Andy is away in Saint Alice with Jason so Kenya’s basically the only police in town. But it isn’t her handing out the guns, it’s that guy in red plaid. Not sure who thought it was a good idea to give Maxine Fortenberry a gun. Yes, she shot at a vampire, Jessica, but obviously she survived so perhaps someone with a better aim should have it? The guy in the first gif is hopefully firing a warning shot and not at the police officers. 

The final gifs of the vigilante group telling Sam to take a hike might be from this episode, but they could also be from the next as they seem to wear the same clothes but now it’s nighttime. Worth noticing is that Kenya and Rocky are present in the group of humans.  

Why is Adilyn ’ light a different color from Sookie’s? We’re the other fae lights different colors?

It may be just a reflection of color being picked up from rage background. we’ll have to see when we actually watch this scene in it’s entirety.

I think it depends on the background. Here’s Sookie learning to channel her light by Niall and it looks lavender. 

But when we see all fairies in the club use their lights against RE, it looks more yellow, even if there are traces of lavender too. 

Oh hell, idiots with weapons.


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