the walking dead — favourite characters: the governor

“When his daughter Penny’s taken from him and becomes a zombie and he keeps her, I see that as a very compassionate act. He creates this whole town, this sanctuary for her because he hopes that one day this terrible disease might reverse some time. Within that, he stands up, becomes this leader in the community and he gets drunk on power. He’s suddenly a megalomaniac and his conscience starts to waver. Once Penny is taken from him in a very brutal way by Michonne. I feel like she does that for no reason at all. He goes into a trauma, and he’s been living in that space for quite a long time. Not to excuse what he’s done, but it’s too easy just to say, “This guy’s a bad guy, he does evil things,” or “This guy’s a good guy, he does good things.” Everybody’s a mishmash. The Governor is struggling. He tries to be left alone on his own and he can’t manage that.”

Sorry, this guy was an evil person before Michonne put Penny out of her misery. He gunned down those army guys in cold blood and took there supplies. He’s evil, period.


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