Fragmented scenes – Alcide

Alcide comes out of the showers and Sookie is gone. He runs directly to Bill’s as he has a pretty good idea of where Sookie’s gone and as a wolf, he can smell her and easily follow her too. 

When he gets to Bill’s, he kicks the door in, but Sookie and Bill are not there which means Alcide must continue to look for her. Perhaps he follows the smell of Bill’s car or just his intuition, but he finds them in the woods…

Is Alcide being led into a trap? Has he become too inconvenient for Bill to keep around?

Yes, Bill needs to make room for himself in Sookie’s life. Bill knew he couldn’t push the relationship after his actions last season. So he gives Alcide the job of filling in for him for 6 months. Its now time to pull the plug on that relationship.


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