Terminus Tavern to Serve The Walking Dead Burgers That Taste Like Human Flesh

Toybox reports that somewhere in East London on September 30th, the Terminus Tavern will set up shop and serve burgers that imitate the taste of human flesh without actually having any in its recipe, simulating the zombie-desired ingredient with a combination of pork, veal, chicken livers and bone marrow. Chefs referenced quotes from real-life cannibals to make the final recipe accurate, with murderer and free man Issei Sagawa, worldwide journalist William Seabrook, and serial killer Dorangel Vargas among the macabre subject matter experts.

Fox, (the UK distributor of The Walking Dead), Miss Cakehead, and Chef James Tomlinson from Mess London—the hosts of the cannibalistic experience—are keeping the location under wraps, but those looking to channel their inner zombie on September 30th can turn to Twitter for the route to Terminus, as the #TerminusTavern hashtag will display the tavern’s whereabouts.


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