10 MORE Richonne Vidders You Should Know


Here’s my sequel to this post: http://mscurious88.tumblr.com/post/126037392661/10-richonne-vidders-you-should-know

1. Youhadmeuntiltroll – Has created a single Richonne video thus far, but what a video it is. “Mercury” uses those early Richonne scenes & reminds me how low Rick and Michonne were when they first met & the potency of finding someone to hold on to in the midst of chaos.  Love this one.

2. Teagan The Atheist – This vidder has multiple Richonne videos you should check out. “This Year’s Love”  had me grooving and enjoying rich, deep Richonne feels.

3. Violetgriffinrules – This vidder has multiple Richonne videos set to great popular love songs which will boost your Richonne loving hearts.   I recommend beginning with “Rick and Michonne | “Love Me Like You Do”

4. Rebecca A. – This vidder has very distinctive style that creates very dramatic and EPIC Richonne stories in her videos. LOVE their Richonne video “Mhysa” which you should watch, but am sharing “Rick/Michonne – Splendor” here.

5. WillturnerfanAWE – This vidder’s “Collide” matches a song perfectly to a couple. Please check out their other great Richonne videos.

6. xxBrownie95xx is a master at brevity. In just under 2 minutes, their Richonne video “Undisclosed Desires” captures all the UST that makes fans go “Hook up already!”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9bt092CYzI

And their video “Bloodstream” frames Richonne in a blanket of white pure love in 75 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sASDePG5_8I

7.  Bionic Titan – Did you know “Wicked Game” is the perfect Richonne song?  I didn’t until I saw this video.  Bionic Titan used the version by Raign which worked beautifully and was new to me.  However, ngl, now I wish we had a Richonne video set to Chris Isaaks’ version. “Rick and Michonne! For the Richonne
shippers The Walking Dead


8. landofdreamssss “Don’t Say Anything”

9. Magcons Queen – Ever see a video with way too few views?  That’s this video. Richonne fans really need to check this one out. “

Rick and Michonne | I Found

10. Alanabond007 – Yeah, this video also has way too few views.  Check it out, guys. “Hero (Richonne)” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IpIJxfvnA4

Please know this is a LISTING, NOT A RANKING  All the vidders
are amazing.  If you enjoy a video, please leave a nice
YT comment.

Special SHOUT OUT to Amrcncpprhd1 for suggesting many of these vidders and getting this list started. Your help was much appreciated.  


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