The Problem With Sookie Stackhouse: Thoughts on ‘True Blood’ Post-Series Finale

Steven Salvatore

There’s a problem in Hollywood with the portrayal of female characters. They’re either so “strong” (objective word) that they come off as emasculating “bitches,” or they’re weak, perpetual damsels-in-distress, who want to be strong and want to get ahead, but can’t seem to figure out the proper balance, which leads to them falling back on finding love as the only real form of validation. The perfect is model of this is The Devil Wears Prada. In the first category, we have Miranda Priestly; it was impossible for her to sustain her impeccable career andmaintain a marriage/family life. She is basically the Wicked Witch of the West for the iPhone generation. In the other category, there’s Andrea, who chose to walk away from a career opportunity many men and women (especially those in New York) would kill for because she wanted a love life.

tumblr_mbldhoxgs51qb4nrgo1_500The subtext: No matter how you slice it, a woman can’t be…

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